​ An odd, contradictory gem of a cafe. We are called 'Loveon' and frequented by (albeit presentable) hippies, yet cynical urbanites feel oddly at ease. It's family-friendly, with a wall full of children's drawings, yet the children themselves aren't particularly obnoxious (hippie children are more chilled than regular children, discuss). The menu is wholesome and ethically sound, yet hearty and unpretentious.

Call for reservations >>  8234 5935  <<
Everyday 7am - 4 pm Except Tuesday

Breakfast / Lunch

Homemade cakes

Coffee / Juices

​The flavor characteristics of a coffee bean are heavily influenced by where that bean is grown. Our Generic coffee beans are grown in Brisbane and freshly roasted as we needed throughout the week. While it is common for different beans from different regions to be blended, only single blends can give you the complete experience of a region. Usually, we are able to stock such single origins throughout the year.

Loveon Cafe

a cafe experience like never before...

​Dessert is something sometimes customers give much attention on it, we make some taste regard this section that will bring you again just like its do when love is on !​